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Discover new performance horizons Enrich your driving experience with the Wagner Tuning Competition intercooler. This masterpiece of engineering raises the performance of your vehicle to an unparalleled level. With an exceptional net volume of 17 liters (compared to OEM 9 liters) and dimensions of 640 mm x 410 mm x 65 mm, this intercooler is a true powerhouse. Our newly developed Competition high-performance intercooler core (Tube Fin) not only provides an impressive external appearance, but also ensures optimum airflow distribution. This means not only more power, but also better cooling of adjacent components such as the water cooler. Despite its size, the intercooler remains lightweight, with a total weight of just 8.4 kg. Perfection through engineering. Thanks to precise CAD design and CFD simulations, our cast aluminium end boxes optimize internal airflow for outstanding cooling properties. An integrated air guide in the end box ensures uniform filling of the high-performance core. The intercooler's inlets and outlets have been enlarged to a diameter of � 70 mm to maximize airflow. Reinforced silicone hoses secure the connection. Less back pressure, more power Experience the increase in performance that our intercooler offers. Lower backpressure compared to the stock model allows your engine to develop its full power. The anti-corrosion coating with heat conduction properties ensures constant and optimal cooling performance for an unparalleled driving experience. Installation is a breeze - simply replace the OEM intercooler. Our products are continuously monitored to ensure the highest quality. Give your vehicle the performance it deserves. Welcome to the age of the Wagner Tuning Competition intercooler. Suitable for vehicle model and type: - VW Tiguan AD1 2,0 TSI 132-162KW/180-220PS (2016-). - Skoda Kodiaq 2,0 TSI 132-162KW/180-220PS (2017-) Part number 200001143: Kit comes with: 1 intercooler 2 silicone hoses 2 hose clamps 1 mounting material 1 assembly instruction

VW Tiguan Kodiaq 2.0TSI Competition Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001143
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