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Competition oil cooler kit : VW T6 2.0(Bi)TDI Volkswagen T6 2.0 TDI: 110KW/150 PS (2016-2019) engine code: CXHA; CXFA Volkswagen T6.1 2.0 TDI: 110KW/150 PS (2019+) engine code: DNAA (for the smaller engines, the water cooler must be changed 7E0121212B) Volkswagen T6 2.0BiTDI: 146-150KW/199- 204 PS (2016-2019) engine code: CXEC; CXEB Volkswagen T6.1 2.0BiTDI: 146-150KW/199- 204 PS (2019+) engine code: CXEC; DMZA *ATTENTION! Not suitable for cars with older engine series VW EA189. The high-quality WagnerTuning oil cooler kit prevents oil temperatures from being too high. Therefore this kit is a must have for all VW T6 2.0(Bi)TDI. Due to the additional cooling surface, the oil temperature is optimally cooled down even under high loads and thus guarantees a constant oil pressure. Features: 7 rows full aluminium oil cooler guarantees optimal oil cooling even for tuned cars plug & play installation including adapter plate and thermostat Kit comes with: 1x oil cooler (coated black) 1x mounting material We recommend replacing the following OEM seals with new ones while installation. These are not included in the scope of delivery. 3pcs 03N 117 070 1pcs 03N 115 441 Furthermore, a certain amount of whirring noise may occur after installing the kit. This noise is caused by the pulsation of the oil within the lines. If the hoses are laid as far as possible decoupled from the body and its components, this noise can be minimized until it is barely noticeable.

VW T6 2.0(Bi)TDI Oil Cooler Kit

SKU: 250001002.T6
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