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Discover the future of cooling technology: The Evo 1 performance intercooler for the VW Transporter T5. Dive into a world of increased performance and optimised cooling with our Evo 1 performance intercooler specifically designed for the VW Transporter T5. With generous net dimensions of 685mm x 400mm x 40mm and an impressive volume of 10.96 liters, this cooler sets new standards. The cooling surface has been increased by an amazing 67%, while the charge air volume increases by 32% compared to the original intercooler. Our exclusive performance high performance mesh guarantees outstanding cooling characteristics. The free-form end boxes, precisely designed in CAD and made of high-quality cast aluminium, ensure the best possible internal airflow. Less back pressure compared to the stock cooler means optimised performance. The intercooler weighs a light 9.4 kg, making it not only powerful but also easy to handle. Our Evo 1 intercooler is a plug-and-play model, which makes replacing the OEM intercooler simple and straightforward. The original intercooler hoses can still be used, saving you time and effort. In addition, our intercooler is equipped with a high-quality anti-corrosion coating that provides excellent heat conduction properties. This ensures not only optimal cooling, but also a significant increase in the performance of your VW Transporter T5. Conquer the roads with increased power and impressive performance. Order now and see your VW Transporter T5 soar to new heights. The performance intercooler kit fits the following vehicle: Volkswagen T5 2.0TSI 110KW/150PS MKB: CJKB (2012-2016). Volkswagen T5 2,0TSI 150KW/204PS MKB: CJKA (2011-2016) Volkswagen T5 2,0TDI 132KW/180PS MKB: CFCA (2009-2016) Volkswagen T6 2,0TSI 110KW/150PS MKB: CJKA (2015+) Volkswagen T6 2,0TSI 150KW/204PS MKB: CJKB (2015+) Volkswagen T6 2,0BiTDI 150KW/204PS MKB: CFCA (2015+) Part number 200001031 Kit comes with: 1 intercooler

VW T5 T6 Evo1 Performance Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001031
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