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Intensify your driving experience with our Competition Gen.2 intercooler kit for VAG 2.0 TDI 1st & 2nd generation engines! Our Competition intercooler redefines the standards. With impressive core dimensions of 610 mm x 440 mm x 65 mm and a generous 17.45 liter capacity, it offers a whopping 10% larger flow area as well as an enormous 50% more charge air volume compared to the stock Audi S3 intercooler. The innovative Competition high-performance network not only provides outstanding cooling performance, but also ensures sufficient airflow for neighboring components such as the water cooler. At the same time, our intercooler remains surprisingly light despite its size (S3 OEM 8 kg / Wagner Tuning 9.2 kg). The free-form cast aluminium end boxes, developed in the CAD system, ensure optimal internal air distribution. CNC machined hose connectors with a diameter of �67 mm are part of the kit and are supplied with matching silicone hoses. The result is an intercooler with significantly less back pressure than the stock model. Our intercoolers are equipped with an anti-corrosion coating with excellent heat conduction properties. This ensures permanent and optimal cooling, which is noticeable in a noticeable increase in performance. Installation is done by replacing the OEM intercooler and is straightforward. Like all our products, this kit is subject to strict qualitative monitoring, so we can guarantee the highest reliability and performance. Our intercooler kit is available with T�V parts approval for many vehicles, which underlines its quality and safety. Take your vehicle's performance to a new level and experience a driving experience unlike any other. Wait no longer - our Competition Gen.2 Intercooler Kit for 1st & 2nd generation VAG 2.0 TDI engines is the perfect choice! Expand your limits and experience your vehicle's power in its full glory. Get our Competition Gen.2 intercooler kit today! The Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler Kit for the VAG 1.6 / 2.0 TDI engine with common rail injection fits the following vehicles. Engine code: CBAA,CBAB, CBAC, CBDB, CBDC, CBBB, CAYC, CLCA,CLCB, CFHC,CFHF, CEGA, CFFB,CFGB, CLJA, CFJB, CAYB, CJAA, CFGC Audi A3 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2009-2013) Audi A3 2,0 TDI 103-125KW/140-170PS (2008-2013) Audi TT 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2008-2014) VW Golf 6 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2009-2013) VW Golf 6 2,0 TDI 81-103KW/110-140PS (2008-2012) VW Golf 6 GTD 125KW/170PS (2009-2012) VW Jetta 6 1,6TDI 77KW/105PS(2010-2013) VW Jetta 6 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2013) VW EOS 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2009-2014) VW Passat B6 (Typ 3C) 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2009-2010) VW Passat B6 (Typ 3C) 2,0 TDI 103KW - 125KW /140PS - 170PS (2008-2010) VW Passat B7 2,0TDI 103KW - 130KW /140PS - 177PS (2010-2014) VW Passat CC 2,0 TDI 103KW - 130KW /140PS - 177PS (2008-2016) VW Scirocco 3 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2008-2014) VW Scirocco 3 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2009-2014) VW Caddy 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2015) VW Caddy 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2010-2015) VW Touran 1,6 TDI 66-77KW/90-105PS (2010-2015) VW Touran 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2015) VW Touran 2,0 TDI 125-130KW/170-177PS (2010-2013) VW Beetle 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2011-2014) VW Beetle 2,0 TDI 81-103KW/110-140PS (2012-2014) Skoda Octavia 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2009-2013) Skoda Octavia 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2013) Skoda Octavia RS 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2008-2013) Skoda Superb 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2010-2013) Skoda Superb 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2013) Skoda Superb 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2010-2015) Seat Leon 1,6 TDI 77KW/105PS (2010-2012) Seat Leon 2,0 TDI 103KW/140PS (2010-2012) Seat Leon FR 2,0 TDI 125KW/170PS (2009-2011) Part number: 200001057 Kit comes with: 1 intercooler 2 silicone hoses 4 hose clamps

VAG Mk5/6 1.6 2.0 TDI Gen.2 Competition Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001057
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