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New performance dimensions for your 1st & 2nd generation VAG 1.4T(F)SI engine. Welcome to the Competition Gen.2 Intercooler Kit - the ultimate evolution for VAG models with the 1st & 2nd generation 1.4T(F)SI engine. This kit sets new standards for performance and cooling. Our Competition intercooler features generous net dimensions (610mm x 440mm x 65mm / 17.45L), which equates to an impressive 10% larger flow area and a 50% increase in intercooler volume compared to the original Audi S3 intercooler. This means more air, more power and a noticeable increase in performance. Our new Competition high-performance intercooler core ensures sufficient airflow for adjacent components like the water cooler while remaining extremely lightweight (S3 OEM 8kg / WAGNERTUNING 9.2kg). Freeform cast aluminium end boxes are CAD engineered to optimize internal air distribution. CNC machined �67mm diameter hose fittings greatly improve airflow. Our kit comes with matching silicone hoses to maximize performance. Compared to the stock intercooler, this intercooler offers significantly lower backpressure, further increasing engine performance. All of our intercoolers feature an anti-corrosion coating with excellent heat conduction properties. This ensures optimal cooling and a noticeable increase in performance. The replacement of the OEM intercooler is uncomplicated and can be carried out without any problems. Our products are subject to constant qualitative monitoring and are available with T�V parts certificates for various models. Prepare to push the performance limits of your VAG 1.4T(F)SI engine. With the Competition Gen.2 Intercooler Kit from WAGNERTUNING, you'll experience significant power gains, improved intake temperature, and impressive handling. Whether you're on the road or off, this kit will redefine your vehicle's performance. Upgrade your 1st & 2nd generation VAG 1.4T(F)SI engine with confidence and breakthrough performance. The Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler Kit for the VAG 1.4 TSI engine is plug and play fit for the following vehicles: Volkswagen Golf 5 1,4TSI 103-125KW/140-170PS (2006-2008). Volkswagen Golf 6 1,4TSI 118KW/160PS (2008-2012) Volkswagen Jetta 5 1,4TSI 103KW/140PS (2005-2010) Volkswagen Jetta 6 1,4TSI 118KW/160PS (2010-2013) Volkswagen Scirocco 3 1,4TSI 118KW/160PS (2008-2014) Volkswagen Eos 1 1,4TSI 118KW/160PS (2008-2014) Volkswagen Beetle 1,4 TSI 118KW/160PS (2011-2014) Part number 200001047 Kit comes with: 1 intercooler 2 charge air hoses 4 hose clamps 1 aluminium adapter 1 assembly instruction 1 T�V parts certificate

VAG Mk5/6 1.4 TSI Gen.2 Competition Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001047
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