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Charge and Boost Pipe Kit �70mm 7-Gear DSG (DQ381) : VAG 2.0TSI EA888 Gen.3 - VW Golf 7.5 GTI 2,0 TSI 162-228KW/220-310PS 7-Gear DSG (incl. Performance und Clubsport[S], sowie TCR Modelle) - VW Golf 7.5 R 2,0 TSI 221-228KW/300-310PS 7-Gear DSG - VW Arteon 2,0 TSI 140-206KW/190-280PS 7-Gear DSG - VW T-Roc 2,0TSI 4Motion 140KW/190PS 7-Gear DSG - VW T-Roc R 4Motion 221KW/300PS 7-Gear DSG - Skoda Octavia 5E RS 2,0TSI 162-180KW/220-245PS 7-Gear DSG - Skoda Superb 3V 2,0TSI 162KW/220PS 7-Gear DSG - Skoda Superb 3V 2,0TSI 206KW/280PS 7-Gear DSG - Audi Q2 40TFSI 140KW/190PS 7-Gear DSG - Audi SQ2 221KW/300PS 7-Gear DSG - Audi A3 8V 2,0TSI 140KW/190PS 7-Gear DSG - Audi S3 8V 2,0TSI 221-228KW/300-310PS 7-Gear DSG - Audi TT 8S 2.0TFSI 169KW / 230PS 7-Gear DSG - Audi TTS 8S 2,0TSI 228KW/310PS 7-Gear DSG - Seat Leon 5F Cupra 2,0TSI 195-272KW/265-370PS 7-Gear DSG (inkl. Cupra ST 265-370 & Cupra R) Kit comes with: 4 silicone hoses 2 aluminium charge pipe 8 hose clamps This charge pipe kit only fits the orig. WagnerTuning intercooler.

VAG 2.0TSI 7-Gear DSG (DQ381) �70mm Charge and Boost Pipe Kit

SKU: 210001048.PIPE.7DSG
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