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Experience ultimate performance and optimal cooling with the Wagner Tuning high performance intercooler for the Toyota Supra. This technological masterpiece is designed to take your driving experience to a new level and push the limits. The high performance intercooler is equipped with a new type of Competition intercooler core (Tube Fin), whose dimensions of 700 mm x 300 mm x 90 mm offer an impressive external core volume of 18.9 liters. Compared to the standard intercooler, this allows for an amazing 262% larger front flow area and 150% more outer core volume. Feel the difference and maximize the performance of your Toyota Supra. The intercooler's precision CAD-designed cast aluminium end boxes have been optimised through CFD simulations to ensure ideal internal airflow. The result is outstanding cooling characteristics with minimal back pressure. Perfect for racing, this kit provides optimal cooling of the supercharged air with a significant increase in power. To ensure a lasting and optimal cooling effect, the Wagner Tuning intercooler is equipped with an anti-corrosion coating with excellent heat conduction properties. This protects the intercooler from any environmental influences and enables reliable performance. You can rest assured that all our products are subject to constant qualitative monitoring to ensure the highest standards. Installation is hassle-free thanks to the included mounting hardware and is plug and play. However, please note the following important installation instructions: - 100% plug-and-play installation - Conversion from SMIC to FMIC (incl. all required components) - Expansion tank must be repositioned (included in the kit) - Cooling loop for the servo has to be repositioned (included in the kit) - Complete charge air piping must be replaced (included in kit) Dive into the world of high-performance tuning with the Wagner Tuning high-performance intercooler for the Toyota Supra. Increase the performance of your vehicle, feel the power and dominate the road like never before. Treat yourself to the premium quality and advanced technology that only Wagner Tuning can offer. The Competition intercooler kit EVO1 for Toyota Supra JZA80 MK4 core Dimensions stock intercooler: 270 mm x 215 mm x 130 mm / 10,6 Inch x 8,5 Inch x 5,1 Inch V = 7,54 L / 460 Inch� A = 580,5 cm� / 90 Inch� core Dimensions Wagner Tuning intercooler: 700 mm x 300 mm x 90 mm / 27,5 Inch x 11,8 Inch x 3,54 Inch V = 18,9 / 1153 Inch� +150% A = 2100 cm� / 325 Inch� +262% Part number: 200001154 kit comes with: 1 intercooler (black) 6 silicone adapter hoses (black) 2 �2,5 Inch boost pipe aluminium (black) 2 �3 Inch boost pipe aluminium (black) 2 air guides (black) 1 expansion tank (black) 1 cooling loop for the power steering (black) 1 mounting material 1 installation instruction

Toyota Supra MK4 EVO1 Competition Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001154
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