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Dive into a new dimension of performance and experience a powerful boost for your 3.0 liter B58.2 turbo engine with our state-of-the-art intake manifold. The integrated intercooler, which is placed directly in the intake manifold, enables an efficient cooling process of the charge air and thus ensures optimum performance. Our Wagner Tuning intake manifold with integrated intercooler was developed specifically for the high demands and tight spaces of the B58.2 engine. With its new type of performance intercooler core, it offers an impressive 128% larger external core volume compared to the original intercooler. The optimal ratio of internal to external cooling surface area maximizes heat transfer while ensuring the best possible internal airflow. The CNC machined from solid end boxes, optimised using CFD simulations, provide outstanding cooling characteristics with minimal back pressure. This kit is therefore also perfectly suited for racing and allows optimal cooling of the charged air with an impressive increase in performance. Our Wagner Tuning intake manifold is equipped with a heat-conducting anti-corrosion coating, which ensures a lasting cooling effect and optimally protects your engine. The installation of the system is uncomplicated thanks to our installation instructions and can be carried out Plug & Play without any problems. Benefit from the advantages of this product: - A significantly improved cooling performance for up to 20� cooler intake air temperatures. - Maximum mechanical and thermal relief of the turbocharger for longer engine life and 35% less backpressure. - More power and torque for a breathtaking driving experience. - 100% pressure resistance for reliable performance. - Easy plug and play installation with no modifications. - preprocessed port fuel injection (Fuel Rail optionally available here ) - Three 1/8 NPT ports for additional parameter measurement. - six preprocessed NOS or WMI ports (for example 90� NOS Nozzles 1/16 NPT here ) (for example 90� NOS Nozzles 1/16 NPT) - Suitable for all performance levels, from street to racing. - Up to 4 years warranty for your complete satisfaction. - Important information for the oil service: The oil filter can still be done without disassembling the intake manifold again Experience the ultimate performance with our WAGNERTUNING intake manifold with integrated intercooler and bring your BMW & Toyota to a new performance level! Intake manifold with integrated Intercooler EVO1 fits the following models: BMW 2 series G42 M240i BMW 3 series G20/G21 M340i BMW 4 series G22/G23/G26 M440i BMW Z4 G29 M40i Toyota GR Supra MK5 core dimensions OEM intercooler: 152 mm x 143 mm x 100 mm V = 2.19 liters core dimensions Wagner Tuning intercooler: 192 mm x 156 mm x 128 mm V = 3,83 liters (+75%) part number 100001175 Kit comes with: 1 intercoolers 2 silicone hoses air 5 retaining plates 1 mounting material 1 installation instructions

Toyota - BMW B58.2 EVO1 Cast Intake / Intercooler

SKU: 200001175
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