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Discover the Competition high performance intercooler for your Mini F54 Cooper S - More power and performance for your Mini! We proudly present our Competition high-performance intercooler, specifically designed to increase the power and efficiency of your Mini F54 Cooper S. Here are the reasons why our intercooler is a must-have upgrade: With core dimensions of 580mm x 231mm x 110mm (stepped), our intercooler offers a 53% larger flow area and 52% more charge air volume compared to the factory intercooler. This means more air for your engine, resulting in a noticeable increase in performance. Our Competition high performance intercooler core is specifically designed to provide superior cooling characteristics. Whether you're on the track or on the street, your engine will always stay at the optimal operating temperature. Despite its impressive performance, our intercooler is lightweight, weighing just 9.2 kg. This minimizes extra weight and ensures better vehicle dynamics. Our free-form cast aluminium end boxes were designed in CAD to maximize internal airflow. This significantly reduces back pressure compared to the stock intercooler. All of our intercoolers feature an anti-corrosion coating that not only ensures longevity, but also provides excellent heat conduction properties. Our kit is completely ready to install and can be easily replaced with the factory intercooler. No complex adjustments required. Simply plug-and-play. Our intercooler has been tested under extreme conditions up to 6 bar and is pressure stable. This upgrade is perfect for racing enthusiasts. Maximize the performance of your Mini F54 Cooper S with our Competition high performance intercooler. Visit our website for more information and to order your kit. Competition intercooler upgrade kit plug and play suitable for: Mini Cooper S F54/F55/F56/F60 MKB: B46 & B48 (141KW/192PS) 2014+. Mini One D F54/F55/F56 MKB: B37 (70KW/95PS) 2014+ Mini Cooper D F54/F55/F56 MKB: B37 (85KW/116PS) 2014+ Mini Cooper SD F54/F55/F56 MKB: B47 (125KW/170PS) 2014+ Mini JCW F57 MKB:B48B20 (170KW/231PS) 2016+ does not fit for JCW Edition of models F54/55/56/60 does not fit for engine codes B48.C / B48.A / B38.C / B38.B (LCI-models) Dimensions original intercooler: 585mm x150mm x 95mm V=8,3 liter A=877,5 cm� Wagner Tuning intercooler dimensions: 580mm x 231mm x110mm /stepped V=12,6 Liter A=1340 cm� Part number 200001076 Kit comes with: 1 intercooler 1 mounting material 1 assembly instruction

Mini F54/F55/F56/F57/F60 Competition Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001076
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