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Maximize the performance of your vehicle with our Competition High Performance Intercooler! Unleash the true potential of your vehicle and experience the ultimate performance boost. With impressive mesh dimensions of 640 mm x 200 mm x 110 mm and an impressive 14,080 cc capacity, our Competition high-performance intercooler offers a 25% larger flow area and an amazing 110% more charge air volume compared to the stock intercooler. Our Competition high-performance mesh exceeds all expectations when it comes to cooling performance. Even under extreme conditions, this intercooler keeps a cool head. Despite its impressive performance, this intercooler is surprisingly lightweight at 10.5 kg. Thanks to our advanced technology and the use of cast aluminium for the free-form end boxes, we have minimized back pressure and maximized performance. Our intercoolers are equipped with an anti-corrosion coating with outstanding heat conduction properties. This ensures long-lasting and optimal cooling, which translates into a significant increase in performance. Our kit is completely ready to install, and replacing it with the stock intercooler is hassle-free - a true plug-and-play experience. This intercooler is designed to meet the highest racing demands. With a pressure test of up to 6 bar, it is ready for action-packed race tracks. All of our products undergo rigorous quality monitoring to ensure they meet the highest standards. Push your limits and increase your vehicle's performance to a new level. Our Competition high-performance intercooler is the best choice for demanding drivers who want more. Ready for the ultimate driving experience? Get our Competition High Performance Intercooler today and feel the difference! The Competition Intercooler Kit fits to: Mercedes W 176 A160 1,6L 75KW/102PS (2016-2018) Mercedes W 176 A180 1,6L 90KW/122PS (2012-2018) Mercedes W 176 A200 1,6L 115KW/156PS (2012-2018) Mercedes W 176 A220 2,0L 135KW/184PS (2016-2018) Mercedes W 176 A250 2,0L 155-160KW/211-218PS (2012-2018) Mercedes W 176 A180 CDI 1,8L 80KW/108PS (2012-2014) Mercedes W 176 A200 CDI 1,8L 100KW/136PS (2012-2014) Mercedes W 176 A200 CDI 2,2L 100KW/136PS (2014-2018) Mercedes W 176 A220 CDI 2,2L 125KW/170PS (2012-2018) Mercedes C 117 CLA180 1,6L 90KW/122PS (2013-2019) Mercedes C 117 CLA200 1,6L 115KW/156PS (2013-2019) Mercedes C 117 CLA220 2,0L 135KW/184PS (2016-2019) Mercedes C 117 CLA250 2,0L 155-160KW/211-218PS (2013-2019) Mercedes C 117 CLA220 CDI 2,2L 125KW/170PS (2013-2019) Mercedes W 242 / W 246 B160 1,6L 75KW/102PS (2015-2019) Mercedes W 242 / W 246 B180 1,6L 90KW/122PS (2011-2019) Mercedes W 242 / W 246 B200 1,6L 115KW/156PS (2011-2019) Mercedes W 242 / W 246 B220 2,0L 135KW/184PS (2015-2019) Mercedes W 242 / W 246 B250 2,0L 155KW/211PS (2015-2019) Mercedes W 242 / W 246 B180 CDI 1,8L 80KW/108PS (2011-2014) Mercedes W 242 / W 246 B200 CDI 1,8L 100KW/136PS (2011-2014) Mercedes W 242 / W 246 B200 CDI 2,2L 100KW/136PS (2014-2019) Mercedes W 242 / W 246 B220 CDI 2,2L 125KW/170PS (2011-2019) Artikelnummer 200001058 Kit comes with: 1 intercooler painted black 2 aluminium adapter 1 mounting material 1 installation instruction

Mercedes (CL)A250 EVO 1 Competition Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001058
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