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new product- release sommer 2023! high performance Air Intake System for Mercedes A35 AMG Mercedes W177 A35 AMG 225KW/306PS (2018-2022) Mercedes V177 A35 AMG 225KW/306PS (2018-2022) The OEM intake system on the A35 has a large decrease in diameter, causing a flow restriction entering the turbocharger. This creates higher intake temperatures and back pressure. The new Wagner Tuning air intake system is a direct replacement for the OEM unit. Its position in the lower right wheel well is optimal for bringing in cool air. The 76mm intake pipe has no bottle neck and connects directly to the turbo with the included silicone hose. The larger air filter ensures maximum efficiently with minimal restriction and allows for more engine sound. The Wagner Tuning intake allows for a mass air flow rate increase of 90%+ leading to increased engine response and performance. Kit comes with: 1 reinforced Silicone hose 1 � Plastic Intake Pipe 1 high performance air filter 1 Mounting material 1 installation instruction

Mercedes Benz A35 AMG Intake System

SKU: 300001004
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