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Bring the true potential of your Kia Stinger GT 3.3T-Gdi AWD (EU) to life with the COMPETITION CHARGE AIR COOLER KIT! Ready to push the limits of your Kia Stinger GT? The WAGNERTUNING high performance charge air cooler with its groundbreaking Competition core (Tube Fin) is ready to catapult your driving experience to a new level. Designed to meet the most demanding driving requirements of your Kia Stinger GT 3.3T-Gdi AWD (EU) - this high-performance radiator gets things rolling. The innovative Competition core (Tube Fin) with impressive dimensions of 600 mm x 445(315) mm x 105(60) mm [stepped design] offers a massive 175% larger flow area and provides a gigantic 183% more net volume compared to the stock intercooler. The cast aluminium end boxes were designed with meticulous precision in CAD and optimised through CFD simulations to ensure optimal internal airflow. An incorporated air baffle inside the radiator inlet ensures even filling of the intercooler, while the newly developed Competition high-performance mesh provides sufficient airflow to adjacent components, such as the water cooler. Lightweight design meets performance - this cooler is the ideal choice for racing. The performance-enhancing effect is unmistakable, supported by the anti-corrosion coating with excellent heat conduction properties. This keeps your intercooler protected from the environment while guaranteeing a long-lasting and optimal cooling effect. With easy installation at the original mounting points (plug and play), the path to outstanding performance is clear. With an inlet and outlet diameter of �76mm, this intercooler kit offers optional accessories, including a �76mm aluminium charge air tube, to further expand your tuning options. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your Kia Stinger GT 3.3T-Gdi AWD (EU). Choose the COMPETITION CHARGE AIR COOLER KIT and experience a new dimension of performance! core dimensions OEM intercooler: V = 8.75 L A = 972 cm� Netz WAGNER TUNING intercooler: V = 24,8 L A = 2670 mm� Part number 200001142.Kitsingle Kit comes with: 1 intercooler 2 air baffles 2 silicone hoses 1 mounting material 1 installation instruction This intercooler kit is optionally available with �76mm(3 Inch) charge pipe!

Kia Stinger GT Competition Intercooler Kit (EU)

SKU: 200001142.KITSINGLE
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