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Experience the ultimate in performance with our Performance Intercooler Kit for the Kia Optima GT TF 2.0TGDI. Dive into a world of ultimate performance and reliability with our Performance Intercooler Kit, tailor-made for the Kia Optima GT TF 2.0TGDI. This intercooler is not just an improvement, but a revolution in cooling performance and engine power. Our performance intercooler, with generous core dimensions of 340 mm x 330 mm x 150 mm / stepped = 11.5 liters, provides an impressive flow area. CAD-designed free-form end boxes with cast aluminium internal baffles ensure optimal internal airflow. Even under extreme conditions, your engine will remain within an optimal temperature range thanks to our advanced cooling technology. Despite its extended dimensions, our performance intercooler is surprisingly lightweight, which not only minimizes vehicle weight, but also maximizes engine performance. This means better acceleration, higher speeds and more responsive handling. Our kit is completely ready to install and 100% accurate fit. Replacing it with the OEM intercooler is easy to do. We offer hassle-free installation so you can experience the improved performance as quickly as possible. All of our products undergo constant quality monitoring so you can be assured of longevity and top-notch performance. Boost the performance and driving experience of your Kia Optima GT TF 2.0TGDI with our performance intercooler kit. Experience the road in a whole new way and enjoy every detail of driving dynamics. Part number 200001035 Kit comes with: 1 intercooler 1 installation instruction

Kia Optima 2.0 TDGI Performance Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001035
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