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Optimize the performance of your Honda Civic FK2 with our high performance intercooler kit. Your Honda Civic FK2 deserves the best performance, and that's exactly what our high-performance intercooler kit provides. Here's what you can expect: With intercooler core dimensions of 650mm x 175mm x 110mm, our intercooler offers an impressive 23% larger flow area and a whopping 101% more charge air volume compared to the factory intercooler. Our new Competition high-performance core not only ensures high efficiency, but is also extremely lightweight. This improves the overall performance of your vehicle without weighing it down unnecessarily. The end boxes of the intercooler are made of high-quality cast aluminium and have been optimised down to the smallest detail using flow analysis in the CAD system. This allows for excellent cooling characteristics with minimal back pressure. Our kit is specifically designed for racing and provides the performance and efficiency that demanding racers require. Installation is at the original mounting points and is uncomplicated thanks to the 1:1 exchange. Our high performance intercooler kit provides optimal cooling of the supercharged air, resulting in a noticeable increase in power. Like all of our products, this kit is subject to strict quality monitoring. We do everything we can to make sure you get only the best. Ready to boost the performance of your Honda Civic FK2? Install our high-performance intercooler kit today and experience the improvements firsthand. Visit our website for more information and ordering. Inlet Diameter �65mm; Exhaust Diameter �70mm Competition Intercooler Kit Honda Civic Type R FK2 OEM intercooler core: A = 924cm� V = 6,2L Wagner Tuning intercooler core: A = 1137,5cm� V = 12,5L m = 10kg Part number 200001086 Kit comes With: 1 intercooler 2 silicone hose 4 hose clamps

Honda Civic Type R Competition Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001086
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