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Welcome to the future of performance: the Performance High Performance Intercooler for the Ford Focus MK2. Get ready for a performance revolution in your Ford Focus MK2. Our Performance High Performance Intercooler sets a new standard for cooling and performance. With impressive core dimensions (730mm x 300mm x 70mm = 15.3 liters), this cooler not only offers a generous 100% larger flow area, but also an impressive 125% increase in charge air volume over the original intercooler. At the heart of this cooler is our exclusive performance high flow intercooler core. It is designed to provide optimal airflow and offers outstanding cooling characteristics. The free-form end boxes, precisely designed in CAD and made of high-quality cast aluminium, ensure the best possible internal airflow. The intercooler offers less back pressure than the stock cooler and features extended port diameters of 66mm. Included in the kit are reinforced silicone hoses that are perfectly matched to the new connections. Installation is simple as our performance intercooler comes as a complete kit. Replacing it with the stock intercooler is hassle-free and requires no extensive adjustments. This kit has been tested up to 6 bar and is absolutely pressure stable. Our intercooler also features an anti-corrosion coating with outstanding heat conduction properties. This guarantees not only optimal cooling, but also a significant increase in performance for your Ford Focus MK2. Ready to rule the roads with impressive power? Order now and experience the future of performance technology. Your Ford Focus MK2 will thank you with every acceleration. The Performance Intercooler Kit fits the following vehicle: Ford Focus ST MK 2 2008-2010 before facelift models Ford Focus ST MK 2 year 2005-2008 Part number 200001032 Kit comes with: 1 intercooler 2 silicone hoses 2 hose clamps 1 mounting material 1 assembly instruction THIS ITEM CAN ONLY BE USED IN A COMPETITION RACING VEHICLE

Ford Focus ST Performance Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001032
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