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Downpipe Kit without catalyst fits for following models BMW G20/21 M340i 3,0L 285KW/374PS from 2020 (OPF-Modell) BMW G30/31 540i 3,0L 250KW/340PS from 2018 (OPF-Modell) BMW G32 640i 3,0L 250KW/340PS from 2018 (OPF-Modell) BMW G11/12 740i 240 KW/326PS from 2018 (OPF-Modell) BMW G11/12 745e 3,0L 290KW/394PS from 2018 (OPF-Modell) BMW G14/15/16 840i 3,0L 250KW/340PS from 2019 (OPF-Modell) BMW Z4 G29 M40i 3,0L 250KW/340PS from 2019 (OPF-Modell) Toyota Supra MK5 A90 GR 3,0L 250KW/340PS from 2019 (OPF-Modell) Replacement for OEM BMW Part# 18329897313 made out of high quality stainless steel 1.4301 (SS304) complete �3,5 and adapter for stock exhaust 100% perfect fit, replace OEM less thermal load on the turbocharger more power by reducing back pressure significantly more torque Only suitable for cars equiped with OPF! Error display in the DME, because removed catalyst converter.

BMW / Toyota B58C Engine OPF-model Catless Downpipe Kit

SKU: 500001037.CATLESS
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