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Unleash the true power of your BMW 325d with our Evo 1 Performance intercooler! Take your driving experience to a whole new level with our Evo 1 Performance intercooler, tailor-made for the BMW 3 Series (E90, E91, E92, E93). With generous net dimensions of 520 mm x 200 mm x 150 mm, which equates to a stately 13.0 liters of volume, this cooler not only offers a larger flow area, but also an increase in charge air volume of an impressive 70% compared to the original cooler. At the heart of our Evo 1 intercooler is our exclusive performance high-performance mesh. This mesh was specifically designed to not only provide superior cooling, but also optimize internal airflow. The result is improved performance and efficiency. Manufactured from high quality cast aluminium and engineered in CAD for the best possible internal airflow, our Evo 1 intercooler features quality and precision. Weighing only 9.2 kg, our intercooler is not only powerful but also lightweight. The lower back pressure compared to the stock intercooler ensures optimal performance. In addition, it is equipped with anti-corrosion coating, which not only protects against rust, but also has excellent heat conduction properties. Installation is a simple process. By replacing the OEM intercooler, the installation is easy to do. You can even continue to use your original charge air hoses, saving time and effort. Get ready to conquer the streets and push the limits of performance. Order your Evo 1 Performance Intercooler now and experience how your BMW 325d can become a true performance legend. The Performance Intercooler Upgrade Kit fits the following vehicles: (incl. X models) BMW 325d E90/91/92/93 (2005-2013) BMW 330d E90/91/92/93 (2005-2013) BMW 335d E90/91/92/93 (2005-2013) Part number 200001029 Kit comes with: 1 intercooler 1 mounting material 1 assembly instruction

BMW E9x 3.0 Diesel EVO1 Performance Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001029
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