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Unleash the full power of your BMW 535i with our Performance Intercooler Kit! Your BMW 535i deserves the best, and our Performance Intercooler Kit will ensure you get just that. Here's what you can expect: With core dimensions of 570 mm x 302 mm x 100 mm (stepped), our intercooler offers an impressive 92% larger flow area compared to the factory radiator. This means your engine gets more fresh air, resulting in a noticeable increase in power. Our kit offers an amazing 97% more charge air volume than the stock radiator. This results in improved combustion and ultimately more power and efficiency. Despite its impressive size, our intercooler weighs only 11.7 kg. The end boxes of the cooler are made of cast aluminium and have been optimised using CAD designs with internal baffles for the best possible internal airflow. This ensures optimal airflow and minimizes back pressure. Our performance intercooler network is specifically designed to provide superior cooling characteristics. All of our intercoolers feature an anti-corrosion coating with excellent heat conduction properties to ensure long-lasting and optimal cooling. Installation is done by replacing the OEM intercooler and is easy to do. No complex adjustments required. We subject all our products to rigorous qualitative monitoring to ensure they meet the highest standards. Don't miss the chance to take the performance of your BMW 535i to a new level. Visit our website for more information and to order your kit. The performance intercooler kit fits the following vehicles: BMW F07/F10/F11/F18 535i (x) (2009-2016). BMW F10/F11 518d (2013-2016) BMW F07/F10/F11 520d (x) (2010-2016) BMW F10/F11 525d (x) (2010-2016) BMW F07/F10/F11 530d (x) (2010-2016) BMW F07/F10/F11 535d (x) (2010-2016) BMW F06/F12/F13 640i (x) (2010-2016) BMW F06/F12/F13 640d (x) (2010-2016) BMW F01/F02 740i (2007-2012) BMW F01/F02 730d (x) (2007-2015) BMW F01/F02 740d (x) (2007-2015) Part number 200001069 Kit comes with: 1 intercooler 1 mounting material 1 assembly instruction

BMW 5/6/7 F Series Performance Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001069
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