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Downpipe Kit for Audi TTRS 8J / RS3 8P with race catalyst converter � diameter of 90mm to 2x 70mm � high-quality stainless steel 1.4301 (SS304) � CAD-Designed and optimised � 1 oxygen sensor connection � 2 racing catalyst converter (100 Cells / inch) � 100% oem fit, easy to replace factory part � no precat so less thermal load for the turbocharger � better performance by reducing back pressure � significantly higher torque � Suitable for Audi RS3 8P and Audi TTRS 8J (except cars equiped withh a cardan shaft 8J0521101AB) May not be approved for road use in your region. Catalytic Converter Disclaimer It is to be noted that Wagner Tuning catalytic converters are intended to be used on OEM vehicles to optimize performance. They are NOT intended to be used in conjunction with an ECU tune. Wagner Tuning assumes no responsibility for damages caused by modifications made to a vehicle such as, a tuned ECU and/or 'burble' style tunes. Wagner Tuning is also not responsible for damages caused by engine malfunctions creating rich/lean conditions that are detrimental to the catalyst. A warranty audit will be performed on any claim regarding a catalytic converter. In order for a warranty to be honored, Wagner Tuning will require the purchaser to provide proof that the engine was unaltered and tuned to the original manufacturer's specifications and maintained in proper operating condition. The end user assumes all responsibility regarding the legality of use of a non-OEM catalytic converter on their vehicle for the region in which it is used.

Audi TTRS 8J / RS3 8P Racing Catalyst Downpipe Kit

SKU: 500001003
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