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Revolutionary high performance intercooler for the Audi RS6 C6. Prepare to push the performance limits of your Audi RS6 C6. The Wagner Tuning high performance intercooler is designed with a groundbreaking competition mesh (Tube Fin) that is specifically engineered to meet the demanding needs of your vehicle. With our newly developed HD-Fin type insert, you will achieve the best possible performance and set new standards. The outer dimensions of the intercooler mesh are 283 mm x 225 mm x 90 mm + 283 mm x 193 mm x 55 mm (stepped mesh: 8.73 liters). This high performance mesh adds a whopping 79% more external mesh volume compared to the original intercooler. With a precise focus on size and efficiency, we bring you a powerhouse that optimizes airflow and takes cooling to a new level. Technology for racing: mature design for maximum performance. Our cast aluminium end boxes were developed in CAD and perfected through extensive CFD simulations. The result is remarkable cooling properties with minimal back pressure. If you are striving for peak performance on the race track, this kit is your perfect choice. Optimal cooling of the supercharged air is accompanied by a significant increase in power. The original air ducts can still be used, while the original auxiliary water coolers are replaced by the water coolers included in the kit. The installation is done on the original mounting points and is very easy (plug and play). So you can quickly benefit from the advantages of this high performance intercooler. An anti-corrosion coating with excellent heat conduction properties protects the Wagner Tuning intercooler from the effects of the environment. This means you can rely on a lasting and optimal cooling effect that enhances your performance. We rely on constant quality monitoring to ensure that our product meets the highest standards. Get the Wagner Tuning Competition CHARGE AIR COOLER KIT for Audi RS6 C6 4F 426KW/580PS (2008-2010) and experience performance at a new level. Inlet diameter: �64mm (same as OEM) and exhaust diameter: �60mm (same as OEM). core dimensions OEM intercooler: V = 4.88 L A = 637 cm� core dimensions Wagner Tuning intercooler: V = 8,73 L (+79%) A = 637 cm� Part number: 200001146 Kit comes with: 2 intercoolers black coated (right/left) 1 water cooler black coated 1 crossbeam black coated 4 water hoses 1 mounting material 1 installation instruction

Audi RS6 C6 4F Competition Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001146.NOACC
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