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Get the full potential out of your Audi RS4 B5 with the revolutionary WAGNERTUNING Evo2 Competition Intercooler Kit. This upgrade goes beyond just performance enhancement - it's about reshaping your driving experience and pushing the limits.The brand new high performance intercoolers feature core dimensions of 255mm x 260mm x 120mm. This equates to an impressive 43% larger frontal area and an extraordinary 147% increase in intercooler core volume, setting you well apart from the stock intercooler. Experience groundbreaking cooling performance with the newly developed Competition high-performance intercooler core that proudly showcases the latest advances in tube-fin technology. The intercooler's cast aluminium end boxes have been carefully optimised through CAD-based flow analysis to ensure optimal internal airflow and minimal backpressure. This intercooler kit has been meticulously engineered to meet the demands of high-tuned Audi RS4s. Both inlet and outlet diameters have been expanded to �65mm to meet extreme performance requirements.Maximize the cooling effect of your supercharged air with a remarkable performance boost that will propel your Audi RS4 B5 into a league of its own. With this kit, you also get carbon air ducts that not only boost performance but also leave a stylish touch in your engine bay.At WAGNERTUNING, we are committed to quality. Our products, including this Evo2 Competition Intercooler Kit, undergo rigorous quality control to ensure excellence.While installation is made easy by using the original mounting points, significant vehicle modifications are required to accommodate these high performance intercoolers. Please refer to the enclosed installation instructions. Are you ready to experience the power and excitement you've been looking for? Choose the WAGNERTUNING Evo2 Competition Intercooler Kit and start on an unforgettable journey of power and precision. Kit comes with Please choose your option.

Audi RS4 B5 EVO 2 Competition Intercooler Kit

SKU: 200001140
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