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Pipercross Performance Air Filter Audi RS6 C8 Plug and Play replacement for stock air filter Pipercross air filters consist of a special, multi-layer filter foam with different pore sizes (from coarse to fine). This three-layer foam is very easy to clean. The air filter is no longer thrown away, which saves waste and is sustainable. Pipercross air filters are unoiled and do not need to be oiled. The advantage is that no oil vapors contaminate or damage the car's mass air flow sensor. A dirty or defective air mass sensor would return incorrect values, resulting in a noticeable loss of engine performance. Compared to standard paper air filters, our Pipercross air filters offer a 30% to 40% increased air flow. This is particularly noticeable in powerful cars when the engine needs to be supplied with sufficient oxygen. Replacing the original paper air filter with a Pipercross air filter is usually not only quick and easy, but also legal. Pipercross air filters can be installed in the car and do not require registration, acceptance or special approval. A Pipercross filter has no oil residue and returns to 100% of its original performance after cleaning. Cleaning is quick and easy. Product details: -Panel filter (not oiled) -610mm x 138mm

Audi RS6 C8 Competition Air Filter

SKU: 010001006
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